Buddhas and Negative Buddhas

In the Book of Strange and Unproductive Thinking everything had to happen quickly, on the spot, according to the principle. Since my thoughts are developing and therefore changing at fast speed I would have written something down and truly think about it later, otherwise I would never write anything down. It now came to my mind that, in comparing Shakespeare and the Buddha, I wrote something about Buddhas and Negative Buddhas. The Buddha teaches us, gives us a deep impression of the Nirvana. Shakespeare (in his plays, not the sonnets), or Kafka, or Beckett give us a deep impression of the Samsara. They´re Negative Buddhas. Buddhas are the hell of writers, their prose is perfect (as can be seen for instance in the anthology of Words of Zen masters edited by Thomas Cleary or in the works of Huang-po). They´re not wasteful of words, which is something that I like. Only a perfect mind cannot be wasteful of words. Little is known about Shakespeare, yet what is known about Kafka and Beckett is that they were the noblest of human beings, holy men. A women who knew Kafka said about him, after having known him for a while, that this seemingly neurotic and dysfunctional man was the only man out of all man who thought as a man should think and who felt as a man should think. <3 Due to their high and rightly guided sensibility and sensitivity Kafka and Beckett, maybe also Shakespeare, experienced the Samsara in a profound way but offered a solution in the way the lived their life. They were reaching out their hands because they understood that existence does not reach out any hand. This is what makes the human. This is then Nirvana. Therfore they´re Buddhas as well. Beckett never spoke about his works, late in life he resumed that the intention of his works was to give an answer to the question about existence, and he was under the impression that the illustrations he provided where only superficial, with Comment c´est probably the most successful try in this fashion. According to Beckett, at the core of existence, there is nothing. Kafka gave me some irritation because in his vision existence is not devoid of meaning, not even absurd but preposterous and counterproductive. It is not rational but traumatic poetry. Dr Cornel West said Kafka is the poet of the existential catastrophy. That sounds good. I have to read Dr Cornel West. I also understood early that the meaning of writing is to illustrate what is existence. When I think of the core of existence, I see trombones, trumpets blowing inaudible yet incredibly loud. Ubi bene, ibi patria.

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Das seltsame und unproduktive Denken

Das Buch vom seltsamen und unproduktiven Denken wurde in Angriff genommen aus einem Unbehagen an unserer Zeit heraus.

Das Unbehagen unserer Zeit. Das Unbehagen unserer Zeit aber ist das Unbehagen einer jeden Zeit. Das seltsame und unproduktive Denken richtet sich gegen das Unbehagen seiner Zeit und einer jeden Zeit.

Es richtet sich in das Unbekannte, denn nur über unbekannte Wege, die man selbst gehen muss, kann man sich mit dem Ewigen verbinden, und das seltsame und unproduktive Denken trachtet danach, sich mit dem Ewigen zu verbinden.

Die Wege des Zeitalters sind limitiert und eingeschränkt, daher das Unbehagen am Zeitalter. Die Wege des seltsamen und unproduktiven Denkens führen überallhin, wer aber konsequent seltsam und unproduktiv denkt, der gelangt ans Ziel.

Das seltsame und unproduktive Denken ist ganz einfach eine Chiffre für das genuin schöpferische Denken und Handeln, das nach fundamentaleren, gültigeren Lösungen sucht, an den verkürzten Anforderungen des Zeitalters vorbei; sein Ziel ist die Ermöglichung einer Transformation, einer Verwandlung. Durch einen gelungenen Akt des seltsamen und unproduktiven Denkens findet eine Transformation, eine Verwandlung statt, im Hinblick auf ein höheres Ziel.

Das Höchste, was jemand für sich erreichen kann, ist Erleuchtung, Satori, das entsubjektivierte Einswerden mit dem Sein, das reine Aufgehen im Sein. Das Höchste, das jemand für sich und andere erreichen kann, ist das Schaffen von Werten, auf der Grundlage eines sittlichen Ich. Das seltsame und unproduktive Denken ist Alpha und Omega dieses Zirkels.

Seine Wege führen überallhin, wer aber konsequent seltsam und unproduktiv denkt, der gelangt ans Ziel.

Er ist draußen hier; er gibt uns eine Anschauung einer höheren Welt. Ohne diese Anschauung würde diese Welt sofort enden, es wäre das Ende der Zeiten. Nur das Unbehagen bliebe bestehen.

Daher übt euch im seltsamen und unproduktiven Denken, oder wie immer ihr es nennen wollt! Es ist die bessere Hälfte eures Denkens, es macht euch real. Wer seltsam und unproduktiv denkt, lebt.

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It is approaching Christmas and that is the time when the deviants on Facebook, the dangerous minds, share those pics of Hitler at a Nazi Christmas party, therefore I feel somehow reluctant to share them as well (also I think I have shared them yesteryear); the deviants, the dangerous minds, like the high IQ intellectuals, are a very small minority on Facebook, oases in the desert, but I don´t feel at ease with going conformist with the deviants, with their herd mentality; this is strange since actually I feel no pronounced desire to be deviant or even an obstinate desire to express individuality CRASH! – this whole chain of thought crashes down, multiple stories, to the hardly visible ground of it all, the Geistestiefen; I don´t seem to know myself very well, but out there in the depths, 268 stories below, thoughs get together again and move up, I remember, I am more an Enneagram type 5 than 4, therefore I don´t seem to be reluctant on this for PERSONAL but for INTELLECTUAL reasons, now the intellect tells me my reluctance is, in fact, overly meaningless; now this meaninglessness forms a cabin, a shelter, a home for me, it is dark in there, but a ray of white light breaks in and illuminates the scenery to 28 percent, now the whole thing forms a sort of an arrow, it gets ejected out of this and is shot into infinity, respectively beyond the cosmic horizon, beyond the edge of the visible universe, that is where I use to dwell and play my solitary games, because of the twisted geometry that lies within the mind, future generations will understand, they will spot it, my games, as a quasar; at the core of a quasar lies a supermassive black hole – yeah!, welcome home, I understand my position.

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The Matrix

Btw i think I could write a lotta more intellectual and stuff messages but I am not particularly hooked on texting about things I have already figured out, apart from that I am permanently figuring out, it is endless. Before my inner eye I see something which symbolises the totality of all things, within the concept I see moving things and digits running at multiple speeds; I see the Matrix. Also I am not very communicative. Someone who digs my works said of all the introverted and uncommunicative artist friend he has I am the most introverted and the least communicative. I like to spot idiosyncracies of all sorts, they let me comprehend the Matrix, and when someone comes up with an authentic issue or is in pain I will relate.