#postscript #christmas

It is approaching Christmas and that is the time when the deviants on Facebook, the dangerous minds, share those pics of Hitler at a Nazi Christmas party, therefore I feel somehow reluctant to share them as well (also I think I have shared them yesteryear); the deviants, the dangerous minds, like the high IQ intellectuals, are a very small minority on Facebook, oases in the desert, but I don´t feel at ease with going conformist with the deviants, with their herd mentality; this is strange since actually I feel no pronounced desire to be deviant or even an obstinate desire to express individuality CRASH! – this whole chain of thought crashes down, multiple stories, to the hardly visible ground of it all, the Geistestiefen; I don´t seem to know myself very well, but out there in the depths, 268 stories below, thoughs get together again and move up, I remember, I am more an Enneagram type 5 than 4, therefore I don´t seem to be reluctant on this for PERSONAL but for INTELLECTUAL reasons, now the intellect tells me my reluctance is, in fact, overly meaningless; now this meaninglessness forms a cabin, a shelter, a home for me, it is dark in there, but a ray of white light breaks in and illuminates the scenery to 28 percent, now the whole thing forms a sort of an arrow, it gets ejected out of this and is shot into infinity, respectively beyond the cosmic horizon, beyond the edge of the visible universe, that is where I use to dwell and play my solitary games, because of the twisted geometry that lies within the mind, future generations will understand, they will spot it, my games, as a quasar; at the core of a quasar lies a supermassive black hole – yeah!, welcome home, I understand my position.