Prelude to Note about James Joyce and the Sinthome

„My only misgiving regarding „American Ulysses“ is that its length (864 pages) will scare off all but the most enthusiastic Civil War enthusiasts. I hope as many people as possible read this book“

– I think I will read this book, since I also think it is better than the Irish Ulysses (this is easy; the Irish Ulysses is the greatest shit book of all time, next to Finnegan´s Wake).

We should be grateful to historian Ronald C. White for a thorough and nuanced biography of one of the most consequential figures in American history.

Philip HautmannThe Irish Ulysses being the greatest shit book of all time seems to confirm that creative endeavour gets spoiled and is doomed, when ego is a primary motive; that might be the case with the ordinary genius; the non-ordinary, transcendent genius will rather strive not for immortality among humans but for an abstract immortality, realignment with spacetime, which is his true element; the psychology of the transcendent genius is NOT very much alike the human psychology but is of a higher order. Thus spake L´Innomable.