Update about the Pathless Path

The true scientist, philosopher, artist – i.e. the truth-seeker – will strive for knowledge about what is already known, but, essentially, strive to look deep into the universe to discover new stars, new galaxies, new worlds. – In doing so, the truth-seeker also looks into himself; a triviality. – New worlds, new illuminations, are to be found in the unexpected, the trivial, on the street, in non-locations (non-lieus, Nicht-Orte) – to which the truth-seeker has a natural bond and solidarity – when the locations of the sublime – to which the truth-seeker also has a natural bond and a natural solidarity -, of course, have been explored as well; the locus of the existential truth is the true individual, the locus of truth of the world is a flower-like domain shifting through totality. – To become the locus of truth the truth-seeker must do what is called to „empty himself“. This means he must study a lot, as much as possible, and then 1) realign it with reality 2) deconstruct it – to gain pure insight, pure perception, pure forms of perception on which he can re-establish pure concepts – therein, he will come into contact with the nullfläche, the primal ground of his own mind, upon which everything else emerges, naturally (the vision of the primal ground is personal and subjective though there are similarities among those visions; it might be a surface of dirty white where no location is distinguished from any other, or, in closer touch with the outside world, an unspectacular ventilation shaft). In an act like this, everything is contained, like in the movements, gestures and actions of children everything is contained about what can ever be said, thought and perceived about those acts, because everything about those acts is authentic, simple and direct, because they incorporate the full potential of the idea of those movements, nothing is hidden, everything is there, such is purity. – This is, then, „the pathless path“. – Some might find a speech like that „a mystery wrapped in an enigma“. That is a good step to begin with. Meditate about that.


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