Update about Something Perfect

Philip Hautmann

August 2 at 12:46pm ·

 I swear, this is one of the most perfect things I have ever seen.


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Philip Hautmann
Philip HautmannThe innocent girl child! The ballerina! Who ties herself to art (at a young age)! Who defeats gravity! The self confident countenance, assertive to openness, to what lies ahead! The colours of dress! The whiteness of the fan! From above right, the light (resolving the scene into the ethereal)! The wooden Sinnloszaun! And, ahhhh, the manhole cover, as an additional element, making reality more dense, interesting, senselessly value added, full of information, etc. <3
UPDATE: One of the most perfect things I have ever seen, and, like practically always, 4 Likes on Facebook. HAHAHAHAHAHA! People are so „weird“ <3 Let´s dance
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