The Stranger

When I was little one of my plans was that I wanted to write a novel with reference to The Stranger about a guy who goes to the US and deliberately kills someone just to get sentenced to death, and executed. I did not completely figure out the meaning revolving around this archaic idea back then, maybe there was an uneasiness that Camus is superficial and does not work on the last layer, the terminal layer of all things (and ideed, the last, terminal layer of all things and of all vision is NOT the absurd but is to directly gaze into the chaosmos and amalgamate with the chaosmos). Well, later in the Book of Strange and Unproductive Thinking I came to think about it again and finally did it.

(Maybe the philosophical associative chain would go like this: The Stranger is hollowman establishing some perspective on man, although there is some stringency to his acts they lack cohesion and are weak and confuse; whereas the Hyper Stranger who deliberately goes to the US to kill someone to have himself killed would be a hollowman who establishes a plateau, his own territory, his own island, therefore become more, and actually, autonomous in contrast to the Stranger, who is not (it is just that his true essence is revealed in the end, if I remember that correctly). Thinking along these lines I wonder about the possibility of the Ultra Stranger, and what he might do, The Ultra Stranger! That the Ultra Stranger is now going to haunt my mind and I would have to examine the Ultra Stranger comes as a mixed blessing, it will distract me from my three dozen other intellectual projects which are worked through in my head at the moment, and every day an additional one seems to come around, yet finally it will make my network more dense, glorious and adapted to the last, the terminal layer of reality, and as far as I can see there is no other possibility to achieve that. Btw when I think of Camus the message of his books actually is that human relations ARE meaningful and it is the concept of the absurd which is the delusion. Existentialism is inevitable, but nihilism is not, it is, eventually, a personal choice, or a personal failure, When I tried it with philosophy as a teenager my first contact was Sartre, I found it, both as literature and as philosophy, interesting, but unsatisfying, somehow simple, simplistic, and ultimately untrue. Before that, when I was 15 years old, I wrote a manifesto for a global movement to overcome all problems, it was born out of a joke but also reached into the serious, years later I realized that I was actually outlining an approach for a Theory of Everything in search for a deep structure behind mathematics, economics, the human realm, and being in general. The core message was that every entitiy, whether virtual, platonic or actual, embodies a certain quality named Fucking Scrambled Eggs (referring to an insider joke between me and some friends of mine at that time), this is the deep structure of all reality and shows how everything is connected. In order to actually understand that you of course first have to trespass Sartre, Camus, the absurd, and some other things lol)


Philip Hautmann „Sugar Bill (was für ein Name, der ja absolut nicht passt und in keiner Weise adäquat ist) kauft sich ein Ticket nach Amerika, dieses verrückte Land, bringt dort einen um, lässt sich verhaften, zum Tod verurteilen und hinrichten, der verrückte Kerl. Das war die ganze Geschichte, damit ist mir ein noch größerer existenzieller Luftikus gelungen als Camus` Fremder, aber wie gesagt, die Geschichte ist schon wieder aus, Sugar Bill bereits bei seinen Ahnen, von denen er sich gleich nach seiner Geburt bereits so weit entfremdet hatte, dass keine Behörde dieser verrückten Welt ihn irgendwie über deren Begräbnistermine hätte in Kenntnis setzen können, also hat meine Geschichte, verglichen zu der von Camus, nicht einmal einen Anfang.“ (S. 57)

Stephen Faust Those turning points, those interstitial layers, where gestalt gives over to a new Order of things, oft give the lie to what seems so profound and underlying of all. Simply to appeal to a bottom line is not to draw the whole map, nor pointing to a handful of dirt creates the moon anew.