Prelude to Note about the Hyperset

Therefore it is necessary to establish/to become the Hyperset. Makes you a member in every group, and a (temporary) reject in any lol. Like consciousness is a hyperset over the brain functions, the hyperset over this would then be the emergence of the consciousness of the overman, who, basically, is the intellectual and psychological superconductor.


Philip Hautmann Maybe this could also be put into mathematical terminology, but a hyperset intuitively seems to be the conscious reflection of a set, the info-cognition. There is an understanding emerging about the universe/reality as a set, respectively procession of a set; deep down is mathematics the underlying structure of reality?, but mathematics does not process anything, if so it would be a hyper-algorithmic procession; „metaphysics“ an integral part of reality, of the physical – but how can the interlink be thought about or be formalized and rationalized? The metaphysical as a shadow of the mental?

Anyway there are the obviously seperate realms of nature/reality: the mathematical, the physical, the chemical, the biological (and this does only account for the realm of nature; not eg the social realm, which may have to be reflected entirely differently so that, in the end, also the philosophical is a disctinct category of reality); eminent biologist Robert Lanza has proposed the universe is actually, at the root, biological, like an organism, I need to get into this.