Anal yzing the Sociopath

„When I was eight, I almost drowned while swimming in the ocean. I can´t recall the experience in great detail but I do remember the force of the ocean overcoming me, water as invisible as air swallowing me alive. My mother tells me that when the lifeguard fished me out of the water and breathed life into me, my first signs of life were grasps of laughter. It was perfect timing. I learned that death could come at any moment but was not so bad, really. I never developed a fear of it. At times I have flirted with it, even longed for it, but never actively sought it.“

Confessions of a Sociopath, p. 109


Philip Hautmann M.E. Thomas is a non-criminal female sociopath with her IQ likely in the 140s, that makes her book a worthwhile read, not only because it broadens our perspective upon sociopathy but also as her unsentimental and analytical insights into the psychological mechanics that drive people are delicious; that will of course never make her a Dostojewski but if you want to become a Dostojewski, you should instrumentalise the sociopath and her less multi-faceted but in certain respects more precise and clear-cut perspective on society as means to your own illumination, just as the sociopath tries to instrumentalise you; Deleuze says good philosophy can be imagined as an assfuck of another mind/writer creating a monstrous child.

As stated several times, the terms „Sociopath“ and „Psychopath“ are defined completely differently depending on where you get the descriptions from.Having read the book, and being a sociopath myself I can say that the book is extremely accurate, and a very interesting read no matter who you are.

Philip Hautmann And that is her beautiful, singing voice <3 I hear the angels call my name ->

Stephen Faust One does not need to fear death to have a healthy respect for it.