Prelude to a Note About Sartre

As it appears, the 19th century philosophers have been more powerful and titan-like and dominating over the world than the 20th century philosophers, and the 20th century philosophers more significant and controlling over at least parts of the world than seem to be philosophers of the contemporary; has the world become more complicated or have intellectuals become more stupid, that seems a tricky question, that is confusing; I say, we need to regain dominance over the world again, the world may be complicated but is also not very intelligent and therefore not so difficult to conquer, if we are intellectually in tune with the world, which is, of course, largely absent among people and among philosophers; if we amalgamate Eastern (pre- and meta-) philosophy and Western philosophy, analyse and deduce out of and along the pathless path of Tao and introspection into Tao, delimit and mark off this path via the paradoxical logic of the koan, we shall gain dominance over the four cardial directions, the four points of the compass, again. Philosophy should refrain from meddling all to much into the affairs of the world, else, in an environment of „contemporary discourse“, philosophy will degenerate and lose its power over the world, this is what you are having today and this is a battle philosophy cannot truly win. Philosophy and the world are, to some degree, heterogenous realms. In reality, philosophy is more important and more dominant than the world. In a spirit of humility, Deleuze says that philosophy is not a true power; as it is not a true power, it cannot truly confront power, it would need to wage a guerilla against the powers in the world. I think this is a bit weak. I see philosophy as a some kind of grid that humbly, but also evenly and unaffectedly reaches deep and forever into space; from the earth below comes some turmoil and bedlam, activity, yet due to its curvature the body of the earth eclipses into the night, I reiterate: much unlike to the solid structure that is philosophy that humbly and in an upright way reaches into the universe and into space (whereas, I reiterate, the body of the earth eclipses into the night). Forever, the tentacles and protuberances of the earth will reach and hit the structural grid of philosophy that ranges and resides above the earth, that is how philosophy works and how it is processed, via such tangential amalgamations, but will not destroy it or tear it down. Earth has become so complicated that it cannot be subjugated to a philosophical system anymore, that is true; therefore the philosophy that will dominate over the world, at present and in the future, will not be a philosophical system but an awareness and consciousness over philosophical and real-world systems. From Socrates onward, philosophy has been established by the meta-philosophers, and 21st century philosophy will be established by the meta-philosophers as well. That is a semi-conscious message that is confusing, but the task of meta-philosophy, from Socrates onward, is to spread extreme confusion in order to, then, establish extreme clarity and contour, out of that which that cannot stand the test of confusion.