Out of Touch With Reality / Prelude to Note About the Unitary Consciousness

I am not out of touch with reality. It is just that reality is often quite stupid whereas philosophy is often quite interesting.

However, there is a level of consciousness that is above the level of most philosophers, and that is Unitary Consciousness/Einheits-Bewusstsein. In the Unitary Consciousness, all manifestations of (inner and outer) reality merge into one, “all forms of life are seen as manifestations of the same cosmic being, the boundary between internal and external world becomes permeable, the self is mirrored in all manifestations of the world“, “reality and fiction do not exist anymore; space, time, dream and waking state amalgamate into an all-embracive experience”, etc. It is fluid and homogenous and enables careful selectiveness as it means permanently processing the universe anew (commonly referred to as „seeing the Matrix“). It operates at the level of analysis and integration above the disciplinary segregation of the Hegelian Absolute Spirit (which expresses itself in Science, Art, Philosophy and Religion) and embraces them all and amalgamates them into one (which, practically, means that it oscillates in all them dimensions). Armstrong notices that a very tiny minority of yogis are able reach a level of perception where that which is perceived can only be described via paradoxes any longer, as they encounter a presence that is also absence, abundance that is also emptiness, life that is also death and vice versa, etc. The Unitary Consciouness is a fluid, compeletely even space, that can only be channeled through the non-counterintuitive non-irr/rational (meta) paradoxon illustrated, for instance, in the Koan in Zen-Buddhism. It can also be described as the recognition of the Tao or the space that gets opened via Satori in Zen-Buddhism getting combined with the Western analytical and learned mind. I shall elaborate on the Unitary Consciousness somewhere in time.

Why Good Philosophers Are Out of Touch with Reality

Unitary Consciousness