Das Ding an sich

Watching stupid shit is best practice. Unless the stupid shit flame burns in you and consumes you, you never enjoy the world aright. Schopenhauer says it is the Will, Nietzsche says it is the Will to Power, I say it is Stupid Shit what makes Kant´s Ding an sich, and so if you establish a perfect gaze at stupid shit you will be in perfect alignment with the world; it will destroy the limitations of your intellect, spawn omniscience, cleanse the soul, demolish the subject-object dichotomy and evaporate flawed internal systems of reference like yin-yang shit and stuff. Veni, vidi stultum stercore, vici.

Philip HautmannNi Zan, in his not very well known poetry, establishes a perfect gaze at stupid shit, you should get close to it; they say if, on your path to ascension, you meet the Buddha you should kill the Buddha, maybe, but that is not the correct approach relating to Ni Zan, thou should make his eyes thine; some shades of the Buddha are inherently, and necessarily, relative, but Ni Zan is absolute. (See also blog entry about Ni Zan below.)