Update about Notes

„I am with anything I need to develop before I die in delay and I am bad at moving forward“ – Jacques Lacan, 1966


Lol I am rereading Roudinesco´s bio about Lacan since, as I mentioned some days ago, I want to write several notes about him and others and psychoanalysis in general. Yesterday I borrowed Spengler´s „Decline of the West“ from my Dad to reread it as well and to write a note about Oswald Spengler and Ibn Chaldun and, sometime later, maybe also about Toynbee and Braudel and reflections about the course of history in general. After I have finished Homer I wanted to write a note about Homer and Lautreamont but it occured to me today in the morning that this would require rereading Nietzsche´s „The Birth of Tragey“ since it´s about juxtaposing the Apollonian and the Dionysian writer (at least at current state of reflection). Some minutes later it occured to me that I want to write a „Note about Emanuel Lasker, Chess, and Shit“ (respectively about what the ancient Greek called metis). There are now 15 or so notes written in my head at the moment and number obviously keeps growing; ahhhh that´s the hyperbola that lies within the mind, that IS the mind. This should lead to great glory fuck yeah.