Update about Notes

On weekend it occured to me that I want to write a note about Freud and Lacan. Although that should be easy I found that I want to (re)read one or the other stuff by/about both of them before. In doing so it occured to me I would have to write a particular note about what Lacan has said about Joyce in the Seminar 23 (about the sinthome), since I hate Joyce; yet apart from that I saw Lacan´s concept of lalangue is appealing to understand the literary genius, which may require another particular note (about lalangue). The next day I saw there would need to be written a note about Otto Rank and Anais Nin (maybe before writing about Freud and Lacan), which further requires that I first read extensively into both. Today I wanted to look for the book Epitoma rei militaris by Vegetius, a Roman military theorist of the late 4rd century, to write about it, yet it is not available at the library at the moment but will be available in June, so I can cross this out for the very moment hell yeah. Maybe I will manage to eventually write the very important Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal these days which will further illuminate the concept of the overman, but it occured to me today that it should be accompanied by a Metaphysical Note about Heavy Metal and I may not be specifically interested in writing that one right now. I also figured out the last weeks I am going to write notes about Stanislaw Lem, Franz Kafka, Samuel Beckett, Fernando Pessoa, Friedrich Hölderlin, Henrik Ibsen and „Peer Gynt“, Büchner vs Goethe, Bayezid Bastami, Afsed el-Chigani, K.O. Apel and Lawrence Kohlberg and the issue of post-conventionalist moral systems, Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas as well as about political economy and economics as a dismal science, as for now.

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