Prelude to Note about Freud and Lacan

In the interpretation of Zizek the birds in Hitchcock´s „The Birds“ symbolize the Lacanian Real, the register of human reality which resists symbolisation, which is traumatic and with which no rational exchange is possible. – When I was young I was quite fond of radical and abstract theory, the more detached from reality and my immediate surroundings in terms of concept and language the better. But now I´m old and tired. The day before yesterday I took an old book by Zizek out of the shelf (the one about Kieslowski) and wanted to read it but only made it up to p.11 or so.


Philip Hautmann Note to „self“: it occured to me I want to write a note about Freud and Lacan, as an assessment, may it be a colossal failure; my understanding and my grasp on the human realm namely seems to be incredibly vague and nebulous to me, yet on the other hand, and when it comes to something, it is also quite precise, sharp and penetrating; I don´t consist much of a psychology, there is only Satori, or the projection of Satori; yet given that in psychoanalysis the neurotic, the dysfunctional individual serves to establish a perspective on normality, also perspectives from other viewpoints shall be illuminating; man, the Symbolic Order precedes the individual, yet the competent, creative individual will re-invent the Symbolic Order, the Enlightened One will overcome the eternal alienness and incompatibility of the Real Order by internalising it, his Imaginary Order will consist of the sky; for the one on ascension the three Lacanian registers of human reality will break down, evaporate and transgress into unitarian consiousness and universal spirit which I have labelled as the White Lodge; when you go further down the White Lodge there will be the overman; that seems to be the end of the road (is a trick of perspective of course like tracks meeting at the horizon lol, actually at the horizon where the overman resides there, above the street, is the Octagon, shining, and there are no words needed to describe the Octagon, it is a higher dimension of numbness, transcendent numbness, refering to the bluntness of being etc. pp)


UPDATE 09252017