Update about Notes

Some years ago I read one or two books by philosopher Alexandre Kojève; now in the biography about Lacan I read Kojève had an epiphany as a young man about the synthesis of the Orient and the Occident; man, in the Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal I wanted to show how „Western“ and „Eastern“ metaphysics can be trangressed into a holistic practice and teach you the (metapyhsics of the) overman. Good I still have not written it, due to a permanent mixture of intellectual overarousal and (apparent) practical laziness, maybe I again postpone it for good. Apart from that it appeared to me today in the morning I have to read Pirsig´s Lila and Norbert Wiener´s autobiography since both contain information about WJ Sidis as alongside I made the plan to write a note about the Transbodhidharma. That will feel good.


Philip Hautmann Apart from that it just appeared to me there needs to be written a note about (comparing) John von Neumann and Kurt Gödel.