Shampoo were the best girl band of all time. I have never seen more non-uniform teenagers. They were 5 sigma/IQ 180 individuals. Only one in a million people are this intelligent/independent/individualistic/multifaceted/complex. Examples include Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, van Gogh, Kafka or Emily Dickinson. They are seldom understood or appreciated. Usually they are born posthumously. Jacqui and Carrie had a brief career in the 1990s which unfortunately faded soon again because the populace usually does not really know what to do with such individuals, apart from that they got screwed by the record industry and partially used as a blueprint for the design of Spice Girls. They are largely forgotten but in my heart they do live on. They stem out from the heart of it all, from the center of it all. They are seen as hybrids but are of course the most natural of all things.

Philip Hautmann „Shampoo combined a poppy girlishness and a love of all things plastic, kitsch, and pink with a punk sensibility. They often cited their main influences as being the Sex Pistols, Gary Numan and the Beastie Boys, whilst also claiming to be huge fans of East 17 and Take That. They approached interviews with a studied insolence and tended to finish each other’s sentences, claiming that they always thought exactly the same thing.

Playing on an image that was part Johnny Rotten, part stubborn lolita infantilism, part lipstick lesbian and part razor-sharp wit, Askew and Blake tended to confuse both journalists and record-buyers as to who exactly their target audience was.

Whilst this may have prevented lasting mainstream success, it was also arguably their greatest strength in an industry increasingly dominated by easily-digested, two-dimensional artists.“

Best bubblegum punk duo ever to come out of Plumstead.NB: This is a fanpage only. We are not Shampoo, and we…

Philip HautmannCool stage performance, very INTPish <3 *this site is in no way end

Steve JamesThat’s interesting; where did you find the information about their IQs ?

Philip HautmannLol, introspection … to mention 5 sigma intelligence deviants was an additional information, also to give a better illustration of the whole structure of the argument; standard deviations are commonly referred to IQ but could also be applied to other domains like creativity, physical strengh; or we can say that Usain Bolt or Muhammad Ali are 6 sigma deviants in sports … Jacqui and Carrie were, obviously, 5 sigma deviants concerning their individuality, connecting the most heterogenous elements into a perfectly integrated whole, which is completely natural and has the highest degree of reality. Unfortuantely, although such individuals embody the whole, they are quite disconnected from the whole of society, and the story of Shampoo is a sad one, they would have deserved much better, also because, apart from their „coolness“, they displayed an astonishingly high level of competence, and their albums, which they wrote together with a producer, were very good. To attribute 180 IQ to them was primarily to honour them (and also to annoy some smartfolks who think they can monopolise anything that is vaild in this world for themselves), maybe is also a correct estimate, who knows? … Very intelligent children who are primarily divergent thinkers and mismatchers are not likely to be child prodigies (or to score high at IQ tests which are about convergent thinking abilities), rather lost childs, like Alice in Wonderland, they may find it hard to productively relate to anything at that age, so may appear to be lost in their fantasies which actually are intellectual operations to find out how the world works, and, well, Jacqui and Carrie, who were outsiders everywhere, managed to create an island for themselves, as I find, a very beautiful one.


We’re Such A Hot Sensation


What A Creation!
Who’s The Latest Teenage Dreams
On The Front Of Every Magazine?
We Got Our Shades Pulled Down On The Escalator!
Is Everybody Staring?
Uh-Oh, See Ya Later


Camera’s Watching When We Go Shopping!
Better Step Aside
Cause We Just Ain’t Stopping!

La Megababes

Megababes! X2


We’re Such A Cool Sensation


What A Creation!
We Are The Last Teenagers
The New Front Pages!
We’re Going Downtown On The Escalator!
We’re Blond Haired Teenage Terminators!


Camera’s Watching When We Go Shopping!
Better Step Aside
Cause We Just Ain’t Stopping!

Chorus x1


Hippy Chicks Are Sad And Supermodels Suck!
Riot Girls, Diet Girls, Who Really Gives A Fuck!?!

Chorus x4

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Philip HautmannI am not particularly into pop music but when I heard this song on the radio, many years ago, in 2000, I initially realised that I was confronted with a very, very high intelligence, encircling the earth at the highest orbit, maximum purity and innocence, superhuman life forms who can stand for themselves, etc. Absolute perfection usually comes unexpectedly and is insular since the locus of truth is the perfect individual.