Prelude to the Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal

Adressing those articles again the health benefits of listening to heavy metal are apparent. Heavy metal is simply better music than what is usually displayed in other genres. It is more intense, more erudite, more sophisticated, more simple and direct, more natural. There is more melody and harmony and more abrasiveness. It involves new ways to express melody and harmony in a dialectics with cacophony. It gets you much more immersed. That is why metal fans have an unusually strong attachment to their music. It is more sincere and demands passion, professionalism and devotion, yet is also more tongue-in-cheek and funny. That is to say it is more multi-faceted and comprehensive; what you see is not what you get, what you get is more. It is also more authentic, i.e. heavy metal fans avoid the psychological downsides of conformism and the unhappiness it involves. If your cognitive type is being a mismatcher you will be naturally more attracted to counterculture; if mismatching is most pronounced you will be most attracted to (the extreme subgenres of) heavy metal. That´s the voice of the outsider, of the individual, not of an anti-conformist quasi-partisan collective as you have it with punk. The truth is to be found there – in the enlightened, enchanted individual that contains most aspects of the world and is therefore in the most perfect state of harmony with the world. Beach Boy´s Pet Sounds or Led Zep´s Physical Graffiti are pretty comphrehensive albums but so are Forbidden´s Green, Grip Inc.´s Incorporated or Inter Amra´s Sky Burial, however the latter are clearly further down the horizon, in a more elevated region in the atmosphere, a higher echelon, closer to the vanishing point of totality. Why keep on insisting on listening to Sun Ra or Pink Floyd, if it is not some weak shit at all, when it is Morbid Angel, Meshuggah or Mitochondrion which give you an impression what music that comes from another planet, originates from or tries to realign with other worlds could look like; or when it is Abyssal who transmit the sound, the signals of the abysmal depth of far outer space (from close to the region where Azathoth dwells)? They expand the frontiers of the human mind, those acts explore new horizons. I do not quite understand how anyone with a brain working at high intensity level cannot be into heavy metal. It is music for schizotypal explorers. Schizotypal usually also is the poetry in metal lyrics, the scattered patterns, the strong lines transporting messages open to interpretation, so that you can establish multiple perspectives on them, a call from the beyond, ahhh … the patterns you can see in those lyrics! Healthy schizotypy involves introversion/introspection, intensity of inner world experience, power to ruminate, creativity and independence, ability to create a new world. It is not a disorder, but the highest level of personhood, of man. And with its lyrics about satan, about gential mutilation, or also with its sincere lyrics about politics, society or the human experience is simply more in touch with reality that the phony shit you can hear on the radio. Being in touch with reality, and mastering it, according to the principle, is good, is healthy. Smell the gravity of the heavy metal.

By the end of last year, enchanted by some new extreme metal releases, I wanted to write the Metapysical Note about Extreme Metal, which I could have already done, but still haven´t since I wanted to involve more contemplation and maybe new insights. But I think I am going to finally write it in November this year. The Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal will be about how to realign „Western“ and „Eastern“ metaphysics, about how to avoid the negative consequences of both, and it will teach about the overman.

(The idea is that by embracing extreme metal you embrace otherness. By embracing otherness by the means of productive mimesis you get in closer contact with otherness and the apparent shadow realm it involves, as well as the shadow realm you involve yourself. Your consciousness will be broadened and you yourself become deepened. „Western“ metaphysics is concerned with the possibility of solid knowledge, „Eastern“ metaphysics with directly experiencing the faculty of perception itself, the extreme metal experience allows an integration and synthesis of both approaches. As you broaden and deepen yourself by embracing otherness, you will progressively lose the egoic aspects of self, both become a fluid entity as well as a distinct individual entity which does not get lost in the perception of Tao but will, with the knowledge of Tao, operate as a scientist. Finally, in that fractal-like process, everything that is untrue will be sorted out and only the true nature of things will remain. That entity which encapsulates things in that way is, then, the overman.)

The Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal, together with the Postscripts to the Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal, will be a very important document in the history of human thought, and of human practice. That will make me unpopular on Facebook again.

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