Outline of the forthcoming book, „A Journey To The South“, translated by Mr Bing

I sent an outline of my forthcoming book to my respected friend Ayaan, and that is what the translation by Bing made out of it:

My friend included me and my brother in his new novel:

The project is intended to be a artistic and intellectual expansion and deepening and strengthening my previous works „Yorick – a man in difficulty“, „The uninterpretierbare dream. The history of Rompf“ as well as the „Book of strange and unproductive thinking“ (published by dream Vienna 2010/15/ 15). In accordance with the idea that, by the dream of the passes, the diversity of the world or of the concept of the „crossing of the idea relating more broadly“ here it is the description of a dream (or a Durchmessung of the own Kreativitatsfeldes, free content flottieren). I think that this is a possibility, to be innovative and/or the literary magic shine. The dream begins by a writer and philosopher of an unknown ( „at the low side has undergone a facelift“) is asked, in the south of the city, to go to terrible settlement, where the „last man“ (Nietzsche) live, the „spirit of culture and know nothing about“, where there are no conflicts, no more metaphysical abyss more opens up, eternal day, and there is nothing more interesting happens (as an expression of our age), and „the Word“ to preach. The writer and philosopher, after some reluctance, on the way, but on the Vienna Road, on which a large proportion of the whole sequence is playing, for the most part in the wrong direction, but there is all sorts interesting characters such as the Sufi Ayaan, the eternal values in their aphorisms and revive themselves in their dreams sees that you will finally be a great prophetess; on the lively E. Brazolin; on the other Brazilian woman; on the brother of Ayaan, the still is much more intelligent, a suspected IQ of 180 and has the same time seems to be one of the most eccentric people who you can imagine, far beyond what is known among people in general; and on this and those other more, apart from the fact that the characters always convert and transform; apart from the fact the hero also to North Korea, where he, with care to the great leader, a speech about the genius, and perhaps also to other places, depending on how the dream is developed, which is simply for appears to be necessary, or what else does not seem necessary for the moment and good precisely in the Dream fits, in so far as it fits not immediately apparent in the dream. In general, the events and dialogs sometimes rational, sometimes not, in most cases both creep; dream sequences within the dream, etc. It will be doing everything possible, discussed above all, what a „word“ you are on the last people to actually convey (i.e. what values are eternal). The whole vision is similar to the Chaosmos (the „chaos“ of all things), in accordance with my view that the innermost mystery of art is to look directly into the Chaosmos. The title „The journey to the south“ is a reference to „the journey to the West“, one of the four classical novels China.