Occasional Note about Lull

Dark ambient usually is for pussies; Lull, a so called isolationist dark ambient project by Mick Harris (former drummer of Napalm Death), is nevertheless cool. For instance the Continue album is neither particularly scary nor does it create an atmosphere that is truly welcoming; it is neither truly artificial nor is it truly natural; it does not actually create space neither does it display time (however at the most abstract level it may do so); there is no movement only an endless shift; it neither actually displays presence nor does it display absence; it is neither truly brown not is it truly green yet might display a constant morphing of a drab brown into a drab green – though not in the true mindspace rather in the phase space projection of it or so; it is not actually immersive nor does it repel you; it is not the transcendence of dichotomies nor is it the implosion of dichotomies; it does not make me think of Bodhidharma nor does it lay bare the inner processes of Shankara to me; …….. aaaahhh… what great glory…..; nothing in particular happens for one hour, and I think if´d last ten hours I wouldn´t become supersaturated by it. Scelsi would´ve been quite fond of that and I´m quite fond of Scelsi.


Lull ‎- Continue. Released: 01 Oct 1996. Mixed At – The Box Recorded At – The Box…
An interview with Mick Harris, the man behind the Isolationism dark ambient…