Occasional Note About Islam

I found a new page, Muslim Girl. I have to say that I come to find the hijab girls, who meanwhile are populating our streets so heavily, aesthetically appealing, if not sexy. Overproportionally, they know how to dress and may have a more astute sense for fashion and so, at least in this respect, they make our European pandemonium more colourful. The other thing that may be mentioned about Islam is that in the olden days it produced Sufism and figures like Hafez and Rumi, and there were individuals like Ibn Arabi, Attar of Nishapur or Bayezid Bastemi who had extremely radical and transgressive intellects, like me. There was also a relatively obscure fellow, Al-Biruni, who seemed to have been more intelligent than even Avicenna and who had an intellectual edge over Avicenna in theological discussions, which I therefore have to read somewhere in time, inch Allah.

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