Am Abgrund

This is the best song by German black metal band Eis, Am Abgrund (At The Abyss). It starts as a confrontation with overpowering chaos which gets somehow more modest, apparently intimitated and ready to negotiate and to reveal its secrets to the one who is fearless (respectively „fearless“ since there are no such qualities and all men are equal) (00:40) to synthetisize with him and in duality with him increase the dynamics of the now more powerful aligned (infocognitive) entity (02:00), at 02:36 the traveller gains competence, first mastery over the chaos, yet of course there is no final resolution in there, to reach a higher level at 04:20 with still no resolution but the traveller is now operating at the meta-level and is therefore ever more powerful than the chaos, than the abyss, etc. The final line says „Sei dem Himmel ein Stück näher“ (be a bit closer to the heavens/the sky). – I find extreme metal good, it contains everything and operates at the highest plane of reality. It reveals the deep structure of the world, the chaosmos (at least to me, but to me also a chewing gum package paper reveals the deep structure of the world, the chaosmos).