Zerkalo (Prelude to a possible Note about Tarkovsky)

„I trust not promotions
And I fear not omens
I flee not from slander or poison
There is no death
We´re all immortal – All is immortal
Fear not death at seventeen,
Not at seventy …
There is only reality and light.
There is neither dark, nor death in this, our world.
We´ve reached the beach,
And I am one of those, who pulls the nets in,
When immortality arrives in batches.
Live in a house, and it won´t crumble;
I´ll summon a century at will,
Enter and built my house in it.
That´s why your children and your wives
All share my board
The table serving forefather and grandson:
The future is decided now.
And if I rise my hand,
The five rays will remain to you.
My bones, like beams
Held up each day,
I measured time with a surveyor´s staff,
And passed through it as through the mountains.
I chose a century to my height.
We pressed on South, raising dust in the steppes,
Weeds smoldered, a grasshopper played,
Touching horseshoes and prophesying…
Threatening me with death quite like a monk.
I strapped my fate fast to my saddle,
I rise up in the stirrups
Of the future as a boy.
I am content with my immortality,
With my blood coursing from century to century.
I´d gladly give my life
For a safe corner of warmth.
If life´s swift needle
Did not draw me out, as though I were a thread.“

(01:01:10 – 01:03:12)

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