The Portland Tribune as a Hyperinfinite Set

I get informed that the Portland Tribune changed the cover pic; very impressive shit. Apart from that I have, among others, The Boston Globe, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Sudan Tribune andNKNews – North Korea News in my news feed, but, as a recognize, no newspapers from my own country or the German speaking world in general; alas, I don´t use to read newspapers at all anymore since some time; I also have not read any books the last time; maybe, when I reach the omega level, I also won´t read books anymore; that will feel good. I wonder if, then, I will be entirely disconnected from the man´s world or super/omni-connected; but I guess that´s just the two sides of the same medal, maybe the medal will then become more multidimensional or Calabi-Yau space-like; at the infinity level it may become infinite dimensional; mathematicians who´re into set theory are discussing whether there are hyperinfinite sets; according to Gödel´s incompleteness theorem it may be neither provable nor disprovable whether hyperinfinite sets actually exist, at least certain mathematical objects like knots can easier be conceptualised under the assumption that hyperinfinite sets do exist; that´s the incompleteness theorem in action and that seems to be the sense of the incompleteness theorem; there are also some mathematicians who think there is no infinity but a very large number n where n+1 again equals 1; when I reach the hyperinfinite level I will have figured everything about that out; that will feel good.