The Glowing Man

I found a new page <3 Gira announces The Glowing Man, which was released 3 weeks ago, is likely to be the last Swans album at least „in this version/iteration of the band“, which was forseeable because with The Seer (2012) and To Be Kind (2014) they were again exploding into transcendence/into the beyond; the archaic, wild, basic convulsions, the Dionysian, got contrasted with a basic, reduced, fragmented Apollonian framework structure, the lyrics imploding in form and exploding in meaning and associations, respectively establishing a plateau out of its own intensity, similar to the last string quartetts of Ludwig Van, the Seer looks into the infinite and the message which lies there is to be kind; before entirely collapsing over itself The Glowing Man now presents the equivalent to the White Land, the Salt Lake Desert, the return to base, to innocence, the starting point again, tiny figures appear within the landscape, they barely move, but will learn to and feed and grow, again, the next iteration within the hypercycle is going to set in, ever eccentric, ever moving towards the center and the heart of it all, death to false metal. And I am going to write a note about this very important band which expresses so much about what everything is about and „what is a mind for“, I was always thinking/associating what Beckett has done in literature and Francis Bacon has done in painting Swans have done in popular music (the subversion of the subject along the barely visible lines of pre- and postindividual forces which constitute and, then, reflect the subject into the Hyper Subject, the Menschheitssubjekt, the objective subject), although the actual depth of their genius has not yet ever been truly discovered.

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With glittering hands / On collapsible land / We’re…