„Nation Finally Breaks Down And Begs Its Smart People To Just Fix Everything“/ The „Global Board“


Philip Hautmann The IQ of William Pitt the Younger is estimated to have been at 164. When he was appointed Prime Minister at age 24 he solved the bulk of his country´s problems within three years, orchestrated a U-turn out of a seemingly hopeless situation. Although he subsequently became very powerful he never thought of misusing his power for personal gain or to accumulate wealth. He was an excellent rhetor. But unfortunately I could not get an anthology of his speeches so far. – Approximately one person out of 100.000 has an IQ of 164, or higher. That means they´re very scarce among the population but that there should be plenty of Brits with respective intellectual qualities and personal dimensions out of which they should be able to select a Pitt-like desaster manager now. Yet neither the ruling classes nor the general population seem to be ripe for the breaking. But it may be that our time will come soon lolroflmao. (Which of course may generate the possibility that the political management of natural interest conflicts may become greatly amplified and rivalries more intense, see (or misinterpret along these lines of thought) Pitt vs Buonaparte. I therefore suggest establishing a „Global Board“, maybe as a hybrid between a world government and an intellectual information clearing house for global affairs, making proposals, engaging the small handful of people on earth with 194 IQ who are able to understand everything and who are definitely elevated above all levels of the human rat race. Mechanisms would have to be found to prevent or mitigate rat races between them. Maybe with this we could also get Perelman out of his flat again, finding therein a new occupation for him.)


Philip Hautmann I do not count but with Trump and everything he is affiliated with there seem to be embarrasing revelations on a daily basis, sometimes even multiple times a day. That is definitely a new, distinct and original quality. Even that old soldier finds it as something too big for him to competently figure out -> 

 UPDATE 22072016:

The Anomaly Infinite

2 hrs ·

He’s a diamond in the rough
He’s a poem without a song
He’s a hero without a mission
He’s a star if the world doesn’t beat him

My oh my
what a horrific faulty country we live in

A toast to the
saints and hidden winners

A frown at the elitists, oh but then alas;
I am found a hypocrite

which side is really winning
this horrific country we live in

plastic on billboards, plastic to buy
plastic to purchase, plastic and lies
when the real stars are dying and alive
when the real stars are unknown and invisible
– yes – potential can die

line up for a chance
at the american oblivion

my oh my
this plastic earth I am seeing

Make me President
so that I can make a difference

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(Posted by The Anomaly Infinite/Liliana Alam)