Holy Scriptures and the Profoundly Gifted

Lol Bhagwan once said most holy scriptures were created by mediocre people, highly intelligent but not profoundly intelligent people, take a look at how badly they are written; indeed, if you look, for instance, into the Old Testament, apart from its many psychopathological contents, it´s convoluted, I also find strange the Kabbalah and the I Ching. Someone profoundly gifted would invent something like Zen Budddhism, write something like the Zhuangzi or the Zarathustra or live his life the way Bayazid Bastami lived his life; eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. It is rather not about organising society but adressing the good core in the individual, cleanse, purify and strenghten the soul of those who possess one, elevate it into the spheres to teach an example. Bhagwan also said that in order to transcend this „obnoxious“ humanity one will need to be so extreme that humanity will deem him insane. He also said that when he started as a spiritual teacher he started with a great hope for humanity; now, at an old age, he only has hope left for a very small minority out of humans. Well, mankind, per definition, cannot reach the level of its great men however. Sloterdijk called Bhagwan the Wittgenstein of religion. For the sake of personal interest I´d like to know what the Wittgenstein of Wittgenstein would be. Or the overman of the overman. Emily Dickinson was so intelligent and had such a large circuit and depth that when I try to introject her and make her mine like I try to do with all things of interest that cross my way, i have to squinny my eyes. I admire her.