Failed Note about Ultracomplex People

A while ago I made some plans about writing a note about ultracomplex people who seem to operate at the trans-infinity level, people who spend their life trying to figure out what they´re actually doing, people like Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, Kierkegaard, van Gogh, Shakespeare, Kafka, Pessoa, Faridoddin Attar, Georg Büchner, Otto Weininger, Emily Dickinson or Heinrich von Kleist, but I don´t seem to be so occupied with that any longer; originally I have written a long note in my head, bright like sun, but, within the complexities, it has somehow shrunk to a white dwarf, shining nevertheless (for those who´re able to see afar off and that´s sufficient). To put them in one category those people seem to transcent categories so let us simply mention on this behalf the categories #ultracomplexity #supersanity #hypergenius and what I have labelled as the #whitelodge, respectively the level of profound giftedness in terms of complexity of intellect, soul and spirit. Since they often are to a reasonable degree troubled and sad as well as likely to be devoid of robust identity I want to offer support and encouragement and remind them that although they are occupied with the total sum of problems they also (should) know that, in reality, there are no problems at all, problems only exist for the entertainment of our mind, all that there is is the eternal peace  of the mind; they will be busy trying to deliver a message to humanity, that is their primary occupation, only to find out they have huge difficulties doing that because they are not really a part of humanity (because, as I said, they´re ultracomplex people), so they can deliver no direct message to humanity, only an indirect one, but that is the BEST part of it; because of their eternal eccentricity towards humanity they are situated at the very core of humanity and the human experience at all, maybe ultracomplex people are the only people who ever have truly lived, a woman who knew Kafka said that this seemingly highly neurotic and dysfunctional man was the only man who thought like a human should think and who felt like a human should feel; since they directly stare into the abyss and are terrified by life and existence and horrified by what people do they are also determined to and preoccupied with establishing harmony; usually they are warm-hearted and concerned about others and love will save you. There may be ruminations whether they just are wandering spirits who have failed to reach Satori (although at an intellectual level they have reached Satori; they constantly see things anew and from fresh perspectives, they are independent from traditions and institutions and they are able to create original worlds, autonomously), yet maybe Satori would not pacify them either, because of their intensities (and, remember, the true Zen master acknowledges that he has truley gained nothing by Satori), so let us say that their Satori shall lie in finding out new ways, new exits to heaven, to make everything more interesting and colourful, that shall be their path, although theirs is not „the path“, neither the pathless path but what Hölderlin calls the eccentric pathway/exzentrische Bahn, twist and shout; at the end of it all lies the unio mystica with God. So, concluding this, I will write down no additional material on ultracomplex people (at least not for now). I will however, when I manage to get my relatively comfortable ass up, soon eventually write the Metaphysical Note about Extreme Metal in which I shall teach you the overman. (I am also not in a hurry about that affair since after that my relatively brief writer´s career might be over, similar to that of Rimbaud who also was an ultracomplex person (similar to Lautréamont).)


Micheal Chappelle I agree with the statement that the ultracomplex are the core of humanity and make up the body of individuals who have truly lived. They are the center of stasis around which everything revolves and everything is measured, by bearing all problems and all ideas they have the greatest impressions of reality, having it seared into their soul as they interact in it.