About Hell (and Emanuel Swedenborg)

I have read Kant´s Träume eines Geistersehers once again since sooner or later I want to read some Swedenborg. Ahhhh … what an extraordinary stylist Kant was! Yet not as awesome as Hegel! Both, however, are, approximately, the most hilarious stylists in philosphical writing. Swedenborg had a very high IQ, maybe even higher than Kant. Kant, however, claims that Swedenborg is a miserable, drab and dull stylist, and dismisses him all the same. In the appendix of my copy of Träume eines Geistersehers there are some writings also by Swedenborg and I can see that Kant was actually about right, at least concerning the style in those two short passages. But the same thing goes for other illustrious minds of that age, luckily bygone, also quoted in the appendix, including Herder. I like what Swedenborg says about hell. Clever it is. According to Richard Bucke, in his very important but largely forgotten book „Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind“, Bucke surmises that, like Buddha, Jesus, Johannes von Kreuz, Shakespeare, Balzac or Walt Whitman Swedenborg had achieved cosmic consiousness as well. Kant, however, was a man of reason, and someone who solely builds his house on reason („all brains, no heart“) surely is homosexual, if not pedophile in the brain. Emanuel the hero, Immanuel the fag quod erat demonstrandum

In a book by the knowledgable Pickover, A Beginner´s Guide to Immortality, I have read for the first time about hell-like near death experiences. In popular understanding near death experiences are cozy and ethereal, so it was previously unknown to me that not a few people have NDEs which rather resemble a state of hell or at least purgatory. Since mankind is composed of, say, 15 percent of people who are morally superior, 70 percent who are average and another 15 percent who are morally inferior it should not come as a surprise but as something completely logical respectively as an apparent consequence.

In Pickover´s book Swedenborg is also mentioned and it says:

„In his book „Heaven and Hell“, Swedenborg said that there was no devil, no single ruler of hell … Hell exists because it is the only place in which evil people feel comfortable. In heaven, the evil people would suffocate from the love and the goodness. According to Swedenborg, the creation of Hell was not an act of punishment but of divine mercy. When one dies, a person lives forever in the place that best matches the love the person fostered in his heart while on earth.“ (p. 66)

Ahh, the good Lord. Hears everything, sees everything, understands everything.

Sometimes, people who have near-death experiences report going in a different direction.
Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind is a 1901 book by Richard Maurice Bucke, a Canadian psychiatrist. In this book, he explored the concept of Cosmic Consciousness, which he defined as „a higher form of consciousness than that possessed by the ordinary man.“
As with heaven, there are various hell realms witnessed by near-death experiencers. We can even see many manifestations of hell right here in the physical realm. There are people in prison, in the Bahamas, in mental institutions, universities, skid row, palaces, crack houses, all kinds of life situa…